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I am Brazilian, piscean and traveller. Working as a yacht stewardess gives me the oportunitty to be close to the ocean, which is where I always wanted to be. This blog is the result of a desire to share my life with people who are seeking for a new adventure and also to help those who cross my path. Welcome to my world!
By popular request... questions and answers on free time at sea
This post is dedicated to you that wish to become part of the yachting world
03/12/2017 - Updated on 10/12/2017 11h07

This post is dedicated to you that wish to become part of the yachting world, but don't understand how it all works yet. I have received many emails from people that want to know more about free time, resting hours, leisure... after all, that's on the minds of all people that want a little spot on the ocean, isn't it?
I'll try to be as considerate as possible, but I cannot go much further without your feedback. So continue sending me emails and comments – either here or at my Facebook or Instagram pages. Just don't forget to ask!!
"But my question is so dumb, Sabrina!" Cut that out! It really isn't. If you have questions, I'm here to answer them. And if I don't know the answer – it can happen – I'll ask someone who knows, but rest assured: you'll get an answer. I just need the questions! Deal?
Basically, most of the emails I have received ask me about my work time. Sabrina, how many months a year do you work for? How much spare time do you have? How do vacations work at sea? I'll answer those questions and a few more in this post. If your question is not answered here, send a comment, an e-mail or even a smoke signal, anything. Just remember that we're in this journey, on life and boats, so we can learn together: I can learn from you, you can learn from me, from the world, from the universe... We all can learn. Ok! I've stopped my rambling! Let's go!
I prefer full time jobs (I'll tell you about the differences and other things in this post right here). The boat I worked on for three years had a pretty unusual day off and vacation system compared to other yachts. It worked like this: for each weekend you worked on, whether there were guests on board or not, we were entitled to have a weekend back. Does that make sense? Let's suppose we had guests on the boat for 16 days. I would then work for three weekends, right? According to the contract, I could take these three working weekends as days off. The captain would control days in which we worked and our available days off. Sometimes, I'd ask for my days off right after working and, other times, I would ask for them to be added to my vacation instead. Get it? 

Regarding to vacation, in the case of annual contracts, usually you get four weeks of vacation per year, as in any job on land. In the case of temporary jobs, in which you are only hired for a season – usually lasting six months – vacations are not so common. The idea of temporary jobs is to work nearly every day during those six months, with a break here and there, making money with charter boats and then searching for the next boat.
The good part is that you'll always be in heavenly places when you get your day off. Besides, annual contracts usually include the round trip ticket for the vacation, whether you're going home or to any other place you wish to visit. You can negotiate all of these details when accepting the job.
I truly believe there is a boat out there that can meet each person's needs. Everyone has different priorities and wishes. Make a list of the things you believe that would fit in your dream boat, start enrolling with agencies and wait for an e-mail. Sure, often the dream boat doesn't come up first, but I believe it exists for everybody!
Well, now that I've answered some of your questions, what else do you wish to know? What's the next step you have to take to get closer to your goal?

Can I help you with that process? I await your email or comment.

Thank you for your comment!
Easminem 06/03/2018, às 06h22
Sabrina, legal da sua parte compartilhar conosco seu mundo, suas experiencias. Eu sou formada em construçao naval e estou super interessada nesse ramo que ate então eu desconhecia, sempre trabalhei dentro de estaleiro ou em feiras vendendo yachts, mas achei uma profissao super interessante esta, uma vez que nao gosto da monotonia de estar sempre no mesmo lugar, mas eu tenho uma filha fe 5 anos e gostaria de saber se é possivel conciliar, estou na Italia, ja estou vendo alguns cursos, tambem gostaria de saber se é um mercado muito restrito e dificil de achar um emprego depois.

Thalitaem 21/05/2018, às 20h51
Olá Sabrina, a partir de qual idade por ingressar nessa profissão?
Suzanneem 16/07/2018, às 14h22
I love being on boats but I do get motion sick if I'm below deck. How big are the yachts usually and do people get used to the motion after a while and don't get sick anymore?
thalitaem 21/07/2020, às 14h40
Uma duvida, eu li em dos seus post que se não tem convidados no iate, vocês trabalham de segunda a sexta, sábado e domingo, mesmo morando no barco não tem que trabalhar? Se quiser sair e passar o dia todo fora do barco pode? Como funciona? 
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