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Bagan: the most beautiful sunrise and sunset in the world
At the sunrise, the hot air ballons bring charm to the unique colors the sky offers us
04/07/2017 - Updated on 06/07/2017 11h46

I officially declare that Bagan is the place where the beauty of sunrise matches the sunset. Photos just don't do justice to the actual view. The most beautiful show that nature could offer us, it was serene, it was amazing, it was the best place to be. I also declare that Bagan is the place with the most buddhist temples per square meter and it should be visited by everybody at least once in your life.
The hot-air balloons at sunrise bring charm to the only colors the sky offers us. There's so many things to admire at once, just to give you an idea people stay longer at Bagan just to witness more sunrises and sunsets because honestly other than the temples there isn't much to do, but ithout a doubt they are enough to make anyone change their plans and prolong their stay.

On our first day, we rented an e-bike, a very cute electronic scooter that takes you everywhere until the batteries run out - it happened to us on the very first hours of the day! It was barely 08:00 AM and there we were, calling the hotel and asking for their rescue. I do believe that everything happens for a reason... As we were waiting for the rescue to come (I always wanted to visit the tribe of the Kayan Ladies, or Giraffe Women as they are known in Brazil) a pretty lady just happen to walk pass by us and sat under a tree. She saw that our e-bike was out of baterry and kindly, and without a word of English invited us to sit down beside her.

"We talked" a bit and I showed her a picture I'd seen of her on Instagram the other day – some people call it coincidence, but I have my doubts - We continued "chatting" and that's when I realized I had just ticked off another item in my Bucket List: meeting such a traditional woman with so much history. I bought a beautiful handmade scarf she made – macramé is part of her culture – because I needed more than this memento picture.

On our last day in Bagan we made the mistake, in my opinion, of visiting Mount Popa. We paid 10,000 MMK. The van picked us up at the hotel at 09:00 AM and we followed an 1h30min trip to Mount Popa.
I don't know how to portray sadness. I can't take pictures of suffering, nor could I take pictures of the many beggars I saw on the streets of Bagan.

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Their faces were marked by suffering and by the hard work under the sun in one of the driest places I have ever been in my life. The dust that entered my throat mixed with the tears I couldn't control. I cried when I saw children under that scalding sun waiting for a miracle to help instead of enjoying their Sunday, as every child should be able to.

​​​​​​​May the world have mercy on these people and may they know how to use tourism, which is growing fast in Myanmar, in a fair manner.
From there, we took the bus to Inle Lake, the place that won my love, respect and I really hope to come back again.

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Nilzaem 14/07/2017, às 14h31
Nossa viajei com vc .... E sofri tbm ....pois não gosto de ver crianças sofrendo.... Mas tudo levamos como aprendizado... E devemos dar mais valor as nossas vidas. Bjos 
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