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Museum, gastronomy and rituals in Fiji
Very few people go to Suva. Why?
13/05/2017 - Updated on 13/05/2017 00h00

To be honest, I haven't been diving enough in order to make a fair comparison, since my diving life began in this heavenly place called Fiji. Thanks to its crystal-clear waters, Fiji inspired me to take a diving course and to acquire the PADI  Open Water card.

One cannot describe the spectacle that the bottom of the sea brings us in this place. Coral reefs, exotic fish, clear waters and, yes, many sharks. The spectacle is breathtaking. I even wrote a text just to share a bit of this experience. Any place you pick for a diving spot here will be gorgeous, but Taveuni... well, Taveuni  is amazing.Read the text so you can understand exactly what I mean. You won't regret it.

This is the name of Fiji's typical drink. But don't start thinking that you can find this drink at the hotel bar. It is made with a portion of the root of a plant called Yaqona. After it is ready, it is shared by family members. The ceremony - yes, locals gather in order to consume it in what seems like a ritual - usually takes place with all participants sitting on the floor around a bowl full of Kava.
Kava is served in a cup made out of coconut shells. You may think it's weird, but the first cup is served according to the hierarchy of the house - from the youngest to the eldest, with men being served before the women.  The next cups are distributed clockwise. It is the tradition.
During the ceremony, upon offering a cup of Kava, the participants clap, pronounce the local salute "bula" and drink the entire cup. After they finish, they clap three times and say thanks.

Upon the first sip, you will feel your lips numb for a few seconds and an earthy taste - I will concede that it isn't the best I've ever tasted, but the experience will undoubtedly ask you for another serving of Kava. One thing is certain, you will sleep like a baby. I almost forgot! Kava is not a hallucinogen, a local drug or anything like that. Try it without reservation.

The word means "baked in earth" and is used for a typical local dish. A hole is dug in the earth and, at the bottom, a bonfire prepares the site in order to receive fish, chicken, pork, manioc and potatoes rolled within banana tree leaves. In order for everything to cook well, a pinch of earth covers the food. After about two hours, Lovo is ready! You shall taste a flavorful and smoky dish. Delicious!
Usually, Lovo is prepared on dates such as Christmas or when special guests come to visit. I had the pleasure of being present for two Lovos. I must confess that, ever since I left Brazil, this was the first time that I ate food that harkened back to my grandmother's cooking. There's so much love in that food, guys!

Very few people go to Suva. Why? I believe that it is because it isn't as calm as the rest of the island. Suva is the capital of Fiji and, like most capital cities, it's where major commerce takes place. That doesn't mean Suva doesn't have interesting things to be explored. On the contrary. I spent four days there and, on each day, I enjoyed a different activity.
On Saturday morning, I went to the Suva fair and found just about everything: shrimp, fish, flowers, fruit, greens, legumes, and even a lady who was ready to open up a fresh coconut and quench my thirst.
If you do go to Suva, you can visit the Fiji Museum and find out more about the country's history. Not far from there - about 10 minutes away if you're traveling by car -, you'll arrive at the Colo-I-Suva Forest Park, where you can dive in the crystal-clear waters of the waterfall that crosses the park. If you're more adventurous, how about getting your Tarzan on, climbing vines and swinging 'til you fall? Hahaha. It's super fun!

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