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Taveuni: the perfect place for divers
The dive lasted 45 minutes and we went to 20-meter’s deep
03/04/2017 - Updated on 06/04/2017 09h00


Our third day on the Taveuni island started early, it was the day that we were going to dive the famous Great White Wall - soon you will understand why this is the dive site’s name.
At the diving point, the instructor gave us the site briefing; our adventure would officially start at 15 meters deep. Once there, we would enter a cave covered with soft and hard corals, sponges, crinoids and countless colors. So we did it and it was exactly what he described.


Leaving the cave, almost 20 meters deep, you get to think for a second that you are not in a tropical island anymore, but skiing on the whitest snow that may exist. That was what I felt when I saw that 200 meters wall covered by white corals. The great visibility let us see 40 meters of the wall. Among white corals, you can see splashes of fluorescent orange, purple, blue, green. But the effect, surely, is of a huge White Wall.
It was pretty easy to get to 30 meters without noticing. After all, the wall was so fascinating that all I wanted was to see it all. It was an experience that I could never believe if someone told me. A blast of happy feelings! I couldn’t even smile because at each smile, a liter of water entered in my mask – I never had to clean the mask so often lol. It was a unique, amazing and gratifying experience.


We returned to the hotel and went out fishing with a local resident soon after. Dean hooked a 100 kg yellowfin tuna, but unfortunately the fish was stronger than the three men holding it. He was so disappointed, this was the second time that he lost exactly the same kind of fish and in the same way. He could have feed a whole village with that fish! But anyway, the saga continues and one day he will make it! We also saw a 200 kg marlin jumping out of the water. Myself, I fished a 7 kg skipjack tuna, which we decided to give to the local village. The day couldn’t have ended better than this.

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