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Singapore: exploring the country of the future
The gardens flow beautifully from all the buildings in the country of the future
18/02/2017 - Updated on 07/04/2017 03h08

I went there, I saw it and I can prove it. Singapore is the country of the future for a variety o reasons. One of them is the law, which includes a fine, that forbids all citizens from throwing paper or any type of trash on the ground. You won't find anything at all on the floor, not even chewing gum stuck on the tarmac - in fact, chewing gum is forbidden in Singapore.

The gardens flow beautifully from all the buildings, which grants the city with a very green atmosphere.
Public transportation is amazing! As soon as I got there, I bought a Tourist Pass that cost $20 SGD and was valid for three days. It could be used either on bus rides or on the subway. I used it every day.
But I won't deny it. Transportation must be the only thing cheap in the country! Hotels are expensive, as well as food and touristic activities. I was prepared for that, but the cost of things still startled me.
I stayed at a hostel called The Port by Quarters Hostel, which is super clean and has an excellent location. I paid about $100 SGD per day, with the stay including a coffee capsule in the morning. The space is akin to a wooden container, with one being piled over the other. The bathroom is shared and there isn't much privacy in each dorm. This was perfect for me, since I would only go to the hostel to take a bath and sleep.
I visited Little India and Chinatown. I did not stay for long in the former. I only went there for lunch. I'm not a huge fan of indian food. However, when you date a chef, sometimes there aren't many choices left hahaha. I did stay for a few hours in Chinatown, which gave me enough time to visit a temple, light up some incense, give thanks for everything I experienced in the last year and to ask for more faith in 2017.

Finally - and this is where I learned not to leave for tomorrow what can be done today - I visited the renowned Gardens by the Bay. Some say this is the most impressive and daring garden ever created. This was where I found I could confirm that Singapore is the country of the future.

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