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I am Brazilian, piscean and traveller. Working as a yacht stewardess gives me the oportunitty to be close to the ocean, which is where I always wanted to be. This blog is the result of a desire to share my life with people who are seeking for a new adventure and also to help those who cross my path. Welcome to my world!
Helping isolated communities around the world
Join us in this chain of kindness
15/01/2017 - Updated on 07/04/2017 04h10

If you think traveling is the only vantage point of working on a yacht, you must know that there is much more leisure behind the luxury lifestyle of a yacht stewardess. One of them is visiting inaccessible areas.
A basic rule we’ve made is taking something we think is important to every village we visit, such as rice, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, water, toys, notebooks, colored pencils, sunglasses, clothes, shoes and so on.
There was this one day when we were visiting Vanuatu, I had the pleasure of getting to meet a village that the yacht I work for has visited once. On that occasion, the guests on the boat gave the village a solar panel as a present. If you think that the solar panel was to be used to have hot showers you thought wrong. With the electricity that the solar panel generated the village could not only fish but also keep the fish fresh to sell. It’s great, isn’t it? The biggest reward was going back and seeing that our donation has changed lives.
On another occasion, we offered them those drugstore reading glasses. An elderly woman, who for many years couldn’t see clearly, shed tears of joy after seeing the world with her new “eyes”. It probably wasn’t the correct prescription for her but definitely brought Ms. Alice happiness.

As I am writing this article, I can’t help by remember this one day when we arrived at another village and we came across some children playing football. Although the ball was deflated, they were happily and smilingly playing like the ball was the coolest thing in the world. Indeed, it was but we made sure to pump that little piece of happiness and we also gave them a pump. The happiness on their beautiful faces was priceless.
I’ve got to be honest, working and traveling at the same time is a unique opportunity and I know how blessed I am for that. However, there is no better feeling than working in your dream job and have the possibility to help people. Being responsible for someone’s happiness and give them reason to smile is immeasurable.
Sometimes, working on a yacht makes us lose the sense of what is basic and what’s not. Having these experiences and sharing the things we have with the ones who need, make us feel like going back to our origins in order to help even more.
I wish these few stories could occur more frequently. For this reason, I am opening here the opportunity for people and companies that somehow would like to help the communities we have been or we are going to.
Join us in this chain of kindness around the world.
 “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.  – Chinese Proverb.

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nilzaem 21/01/2017, às 12h21
Como tenho orgulho de vc ..... Como é gratificante ver sua Vitória ......Te Amo cada dia mais .... e adoro ver suas aventuras e histórias !! 
Josimarem 09/03/2017, às 21h30
Olá, sou casado com uma tailandesa, e juntos iniciamos o PROMIAF (Projeto Missionário  Internacional Além das Fronteiras). Esse projeto é filantrópico de natureza cristã, e Graças a Deus mesmo em meio as dificuldades, temos atingidos muitos alvos na Ásia. Agora estamos planejando visitar as famílias  carentes do Norte e Nordeste do Brasil. Continue assim com essa sua força. Visite o nosso site.
The Yacht Stewardessem 17/03/2017, às 04h54
Que projeto bacana! E' sempre muito bom ver pessoas do bem fazendo o bem. Fico feliz em saber que esta dando certo uma iniciativa tao bacana. Continuem com esse projeto lindo, ha sempre espaco para aqueles que sao do bem. Abraco.
The Yacht Stewardessem 17/03/2017, às 05h05
Mae, minha linda. Aprendi tudo isso com voce. Te amo
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