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Hollywood screenplays in Fiji
Did you know that two great Hollywood movies were filmed in Fiji?
14/01/2017 - Updated on 10/04/2017 21h29

Did you know that two great Hollywood movies were filmed in Fiji? Remember when you were watching Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks, and at the time you probably thought, “I wouldn’t mind being stuck on a desert island like this.”
Perhaps when you were watching the movie The Blue Lagoon and you thought, “Is there any place in the world with such a clear water?” Well, yes, there is. These two Hollywood hits were filmed in this tropical paradise.
If you want to see Monuriki, the island where Cast Away was filmed with your own eyes, the best options is to contact one of the agencies that does daily boat trips to the island. Once you’re there, you can do some snorkeling, relax by the beach where Tom Hanks met his friend Wilson and even climb the mountain in the center of the island – a scene that if you watched the movie you will remember it all.
We cruise around the island on the Yacht I was working on, so unfortunately I can’t give you much information about prices and departure times, but they sure are easy enough to find. Fijian people are always there to help :).
The Blue Lagoon, where the blue water is so blue that it looks fake!
To get there you’ll need a little more time. It is located at the top of the Yasawa Islands and the boat ride lasts at least five hours.
 When I went there, I stayed at the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort (http://www.bluelagoonbeachresort.com.fj/). It was not just a perfect location right by the beach but also a sustainable eco-resort. Prices are quite affordable and super comfortable, food is great and it has a lot of fun activities, such as yoga, hiking, visiting villages, snorkeling and of course a tour to the lagoon.
How can someone not love a place like this? I stayed there only for three nights, but I could have easily stayed for a week.

The ride to the blue lagoon cost us FJD $ 55 (about USD $ 27). The cool thing about paying a tour to the place is that when you get there they show you underwater passageways to other caves. I’ve got to confess I was a little bit afraid to dive and be short of breath until I reached the other side. But I did it and it was very easy. The other side was pretty spectacular. Definitely worth doing it.
Once you’re out of the caves you will see a little market that the local ladies set up selling simple souvenirs. Like shells, bracelets, earrings and key chains. All very cheap, it is easy on the wallet and still makes a big difference to the local villages.
If you’ve been there or are planning to go, please leave a comment below. Would love to hear you experience and help your next adventure.

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