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The best of New Caledonia
A piece of France in the Pacific
14/01/2017 - Updated on 28/07/2017 14h48

Some say that New Caledonia is a piece of France on a tropical island. I haven’t visited France yet to know, but the country is on my list. Nouméa is the capital of this South Pacific archipelago and is part of the French territory, reason why French is their official language.
New Caledonia is halfway between Australia and New Zealand. The country does not require a visa for most countries, but its best to check on the New Caledonian government website. A passport valid for at least a six months is enough to explore the archipelago.
Best time to visit New Caledonia is between April and November. The weather is very pleasant with temperatures between 20° and 30° C. From December to February is cyclone season, not really a good time to be there.
First time I went to New Caledonia was when we took the boat from Australia to Nouméa in March 2014, it was my first crossing, the first time we left Australia and my first trip to an island in the South Pacific. We stayed there for five months.
It was a calm crossing compared to what we went through going from New Zealand to Fiji. That my friends, was the worst crossing of my life.
Not to mention that one of the things I ate the most was French bread and croissants with french butter and the perfect hot black coffee. Oh, that's delicious!!
The Parisian style of clothing and accessories is also impressive. It was quite difficult to stay there and not buy a little dress, a scarf, a necklace, shoes...I think I shopped more than I should have! lol
The freshness of the fruits was also something remarkable. I highly recommend visiting the markets in the center of Nouméa. I left Brazil in 2009, and I really miss going to the markets and eating fresh fruit. There is nothing more special in a tropical country than the riches of the land.
The next tip is to visit the Tjibaou Cultural Center. Opened in 1988, the center was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, the same architect who designed the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris. The futuristic architecture of the Tjibaou can be seen from miles away.
The Cultural Center tells the story of the Kanaks - native inhabitants of New Caledonia - through sculptures, gardens and photographs. It was the architecture of the Kanaks’ homes that inspired Renzo to design this unique space. Visiting the Cultural Center makes you feel like you are inside the movie Avatar.
For those who love nature and crystal clear waters a great option is to go visit Amedée Lighthouse Island, 40 minutes away by boat from Port Moselle.

 The structure of the Lighthouse was built in Paris and transported up to New Caledonia. It’s crazy to think the work that went into it all! At www.amedeeisland.com you will find all the information you need to book your day on the island. The price includes transfer from the hotel to the marina, lunch and attractions, like a local dance performance.
You can also go to the top of the Lighthouse. It's only 264 steps - I know! It’s quite a few - Take a little break to rest if you have to, but be sure to make to the top, the view is definitely worth it. In fact, it was one of the most stunning views for me during my trip through the country.
And the last, but not least I suggest you visit the Isle of Pines. To get there, take a domestic flight - it's only 30 minutes - and if you can, try to spend a few days there. There are some cute options for accommodation. Unfortunately, I had to return on the same day because I didn’t have much time available.
I have no doubt that New Caledonia has many more places to be explored. If you go, please have lots of fun and then come back here to tell me everything!

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